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Important Information!!

Informazione importante

The Visa can be issued only for the no - UE citizen legally resident in the Netherlands and with a Permit of Stay!

Il Visto puo' essere rilasciato solo ed esclusivamente ai cittadini non EU legalmente in possesso di permesso di soggiorno nei Paesi Bassi.



DPCM 9 Marzo 2020





 Check if you need a Visa for Italy at this link : 



Residence permits and National Visa type "D" for long stay 


The Embassy of Italy confirm - also in light of the European Council held this week - that the restrictions on non-essential travel in the EU + area are extended until 30 August 2020.


The Ministry of the Interior has issued new operational guidelines aimed at facilitating the return without difficulty of foreign citizens in possession of residence permits expired between 31 January and 31 July 2020 whose validity has been extended, ex lege, until at August 31, 2020 pursuant to art. 103, paragraph 2 quater of Legislative Decree 18/2020, converted with modifications by Law 27/2020.

In the case of direct connections (air, naval, etc.) with Italy, the return to national territory will be allowed in general, pursuant to the combined provisions of the aforementioned emergency legislation and art. 8 paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree 394/1999 without the applicant having to obtain a re-entry visa and / or accompanying information consular notes.

If the foreign citizen were denied boarding on the flight due to the expiration of the residence permit, we invite you to request written documentation from the airline that refuses to board, and report your case to the Embassy by sending an attachment to the email address denhaag.


Informativa sulla protezione e la riservatezza dei dati degli Utenti  ITALIANO

Information on the protection and confidentiality of Users' data English

Información sobre la protección y confidencialidad de los datos de los Usuarios. Spanish


If you already have all the necessary documents to apply for an entry visa in Italy, you can write us an email to  with an attached copy of all the necessary documents for the visa application, we will fix you an appointment for a visa application.

 Se gia' siete in possesso di tutti i documenti necessari per richiedere il Visto di entrata in Italia, potete scriverci una email all'indirizzo con allegata copia di tutti i documenti necessari alla richiesta del Visto, noi vi fisseremo un appuntamento per la richiesta del visto.

Non verra' dato seguito alle richieste relative a materie gia' trattate nella presente pagina , sito web o precedente messaggi.

We will not respond to emails regarding information already provided


Formulari richiesta visto / Application forms :

Visto Turistico

Visto Nazionale

Visto reingresso


The cost of the visa is variable and can be paid in the Consular Registry both in cash and by debit card, in the latter case you will have to pay, in addition to the amount of the visa, also Euro 0.06 for the electronic transaction.

Il costo del visto e' variabile e puo'essere pagato in Cancelleria Consolare sia in contanti  sia con carta di debito, nell'ultimo caso si dovra' pagare, oltre all'importo del visto, anche  Euro   0.06 per la transazione elettronica.