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Dichiarazioni di valore


Dichiarazioni di valore



The declaration of local value issued by the competent consular authorities certifies the value of an official academic qualification obtained abroad.

The declaration of value can be requested for several reasons:

a) Continuation of studies at all levels, university and non-university (issued free of charge to Italian citizens residing abroad and to foreigners)

b) Professional purposes (a consular fee applies)

For information about enrollment in Italian universities, please contact the chosen Faculty.

Applications for a declaration of local value can be submitted in the following ways:

1. Personally at the Consular Chancellery of the Italian Embassy in The Hague, upon appointment. Please contact   (please also send a scan of the diploma and its supplement, duly legalized and apostillated);

2. through a third party specifically delegated to the presentation of the request (the proxy, to be drawn up on plain paper, must be signed by the interested party and accompanied by a copy of the identity document) at the Consular Office of the Italian
Embassy at the Hague, upon appointment. Please contact ;

3. By post, by sending the documentation specified below. In this case, before sending anything please contact the office by sending a mail to .

Documentation to be presented

1. Application completed and signed by the interested party (see section "Forms" below)

2. Photocopy of the identity document (Identity card or passport)

3. Authenticated copies (never the originals) of the diploma and its supplement (ie list of votes in the case of high school diplomas), made after both documents have been have been provided with the legalization of the DUO and the Apostille of the Dutch court. For declarations of value relating to a doctorate: certified copy of the original title duly legalized and apostillated plus a declaration by the University indicating the duration of the doctoral program.

4. the receipt of the bank transfer of € 41.00, in the case of declarations of value for professional purposes or in the case of Italian citizens residing in Italy, to be paid into account number NL81ABNA0559159773 (BIC code ABNANL2A) payable to Embassy of the Italian Republic with the indication: Declaration of value for ... (indicate surname and name), in the reason for payment.

Legalization of qualifications

The ORIGINAL educational qualifications or academic certificates MUST BE LEGALIZED BY THE DUO AND PROVIDED WITH AN APOSTILLE BY THE DUTCH COURT, according to the following procedure:

a) Contact the DUO for the legalization of the diploma

b) Go to a Dutch court, for the application of the "Postille of the Hague".

c) Request authenticated copies (gewaarmerkte kopieën) of both documents (certificate degree and degree supplement) from
the DUO.

In the event that the original titles have not been authenticated with the stamp of the DUO and with the aforesaid apostille, the declaration of value cannot be issued.

For those living abroad: the procedure of legalization and apposition of the apostille can also be done by post. Please contact the DUO for more information.


No translations are required for the issuance of the declaration of value.

Assuming that these are requested by the Italian Authorities, with the legalization of this Consular Chancery, the translation must be entrusted to a sworn interpreter.

For a sworn translator / interpreter you can refer to:

You can then refer to the Dutch Courts and apply for an apostille (Hague Convention of 5 October 1961) in order to legalize the signature of the sworn translator.

On the bottom of this page you will find a list of translators.

The declarations of value can be obtained by contacting the Secretariat of the Consular Chancellery:




List of translators (link)

Application form (modulo)