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DPCM 8 MArch 2020



Residence permits and National Visa type "D" for long stay

as already mentioned on decree Cura Italia, residence permits and National Visas type “D” that has expired between 31 January and 15 April 2020 will remain valid until 15 June 2020. This term can be further extended by the conversion of the decree Cura Italia (on this point we will therefore keep you constantly updated through our website). The Ministry of the Interior in compliance with the national emergency provisions adopted so far, has recently confirmed that the holders of these residence permit or National Visas type “D” can return to Italy for work purposes without the need to obtain a return visa. Therefore, the beneficiaries of this regulation must check with their Air Carrier, in case of non-direct flights, the possibility of carrying out the airport transit in the absence of the re-entry visa"


Urgent measures to contain the contagion and to counter the spread of the COVID-19 virus

On 9 March, the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy issued a Decree containing urgent measures to contrast and contain the Covid-19 virus. The Decree extends the measures previously envisaged for the Lombardy Region and surrounding areas to the whole national territory.

Traveling within the national territory is prohibited, except for work, health or situations of necessity (such as assisting a family member who is not self-sufficient or going to buy groceries).

There are also restrictions on public activities (sports, catering, entertainment, etc.) and any form of gathering of people in public places. Schools and museums will remain closed and public events are suspended. It is recommended to always keep a distance of at least one meter from other people ("social distancing").

Among the most important measures for citizens, permanent residents of Italy and for all those who need to travel to Italy, there are:

1) Italian (as well as foreign citizens) living in Italy who are currently abroad can - if the means of transport are operational - return to their homes; in the same way, Italian Citizens living abroad (as well as foreign citizens, including tourists), who are now in Italy, can - if the means of transport are operational - leave to return to their homes;

2) entry and exit are also allowed for professional necessities that cannot be postponed (this provision also covers cross-border workers);

3) tourists located on the Italian national territory, or who intend to go to Italy, will be subject to the same limitations to the freedom of movement provided for Italian citizens and permanent residents.

4) entry for tourism reasons must be avoided.

5) once, in Italy, for those arriving from areas with epidemiological risk, as identified by the WHO, it is mandatory to communicate their whereabouts to the Prevention Department of the local health authority.







Visas can only be issued to non-EU citizens regularly residing in the Netherlands.

Information on the protection and confidentiality of data Users


The email address of the Visa Office is the following

If you have all the required documents  to apply for a Visa send us a copy of the documents in attachments to an email message and we will book an appointment for you.

Users are invited to check the Embassy website under the Visa section to download the forms.

The Visa Office will arrange an appointment for your visa application when we received  your e-mail containing a copy of the documentation required for visa application.

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The Visa Office handles the issuance of visas allowing applicants entrance into Italy or the EU.


The cost of the visa is variable and can be paid in Consular Chancery either in cash or by debit card, in the latter case you will have to pay, in addition to the visa amount, even Euro 0.06 for the electronic transaction.